Working Capital

Working capital finance is a tailored solution designed to increase the available working capital for a business. This form of finance is particularly valuable for specific growth projects like taking on larger contracts or expanding into new markets. It essentially frees up cash, enabling business growth that's expected to generate short- to medium-term returns.

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High-Level Overview

Working capital is the lifeblood of any business, essential for sustaining daily operations and fuelling growth. It's calculated as the difference between current assets and current liabilities. In simpler terms, it's the cash a business has readily available for use. For instance, if a business has £5,000 in the bank, is owed £4,000 by customers, has a £2,000 supplier invoice, and a £4,000 VAT bill, its working capital would be £3,000 \[£(5,000 + 4,000) - (2,000 + 4,000)\].

Types of Working Capital Finance

Various lending options are categorised under working capital finance, each suited to different business needs:

  1. Overdrafts: A flexible option that allows businesses to overdraw their bank accounts up to an agreed limit, useful for managing cash flow variations.
  2. Short-Term Loans: These are typically used for specific, immediate purposes and are usually repaid within a year.
  3. Invoice Financing: Allows businesses to receive advances on outstanding invoices, improving cash flow by making funds available sooner.
  4. Trade Credit: Involves purchasing goods or services on account, paying the supplier at a later date. This can help manage cash flow more effectively.

Why Choose Working Capital Finance?

Working capital finance is not just a financial tool; it's a strategic asset for growth and stability. It enables businesses to:

  • Purchase stock or invest in business development.
  • Take on significant contracts without straining existing cash reserves.
  • Navigate periods of market uncertainty or seasonal dips in cash flow.
  • Keep operations running smoothly, even when facing large, imminent expenses.

Understanding Your Working Capital Needs

Every business's working capital needs are unique, influenced by their industry, size, and growth stage. As a UK SME credit broker, we specialise in understanding these nuances and offering tailored working capital finance solutions. Our expertise lies in matching your business with the most suitable financial products, ensuring that your working capital supports both your immediate operational needs and long-term growth ambitions.

Getting Started

To explore the most effective working capital finance solutions for your business, connect with us. We'll guide you through the options, help you understand the benefits, and support you in making an informed decision that aligns with your business goals.