R&D Tax Credits

Claim up to 33% of R&D spend back from HMRC with Fundably

Fundably specialises in helping technology-focused startups startups to maximise the value of their Research and Development (R&D) tax credits claims.

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What are R&D Tax Credits?

R&D tax credits are a UK government incentive designed to encourage companies to invest in innovation. They provide a valuable source of cash for businesses to invest in advancing technology or science through research and development activities. You can reduce your tax bill, or get a cash repayment for your company’s investments in technological or scientific advancements through R&D.

Maximise the Value of your R&D Tax Credits Claim with Fundably

We guide businesses through the process of qualifying for these incentives, whether they're developing new or improving existing products, processes, or services. Unlock the potential of R&D tax credits with our specialised services, ideal for businesses involved in scientific or technological advancements.

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Updated R&D Tax Credit Rates and How We Can Help

From 1 April 2023, the additional tax relief for SMEs engaging in R&D has been adjusted to 86%. For loss-making companies, the standard SME credit rate is 10%. However, R&D intensive businesses (those spending at least 40% of total expenditure on R&D) can benefit from a higher rate of 14.5%. Our services ensure you fully leverage these updated rates.

Identifying Qualifying Expenditures

We assist in accurately identifying and documenting qualifying costs like staff expenses, subcontracted R&D costs, materials, utilities, and specific software to enhance the value of your claim.

Benefits of R&D Tax Credits with Fundably

  1. Financial Incentive: We help secure significant tax reductions or cash reimbursements.
  2. Innovation Support: Our services encourage the exploration of new technologies.
  3. Competitive Advantage: We aid in enhancing your market competitiveness through technological advancements.

Simplifying Your R&D Tax Credit Claims

Our streamlined process includes identifying eligible projects, detailing expenses on our portal, and automating claim submissions to HMRC. Our clients' average cash claims exceed £100,000.

Timely Claim Submissions

We ensure claims are submitted within the two-year timeframe from the end of the relevant accounting period to maximise entitlement.

Maximising Claim Values

  • For loss-making companies, the rate is 10%, but this can increase to 18.6% for qualifying businesses.
  • For R&D intensive firms that are also loss-making, we specialise in securing a net benefit of up to 27% under the SME scheme.

Our expertise lies in navigating these complexities to ensure you receive the maximum possible benefit from your R&D tax credit claims.

Overcoming Challenges in R&D Tax Credit Claims

  • Eligibility Verification: We expertly assess and confirm your project's eligibility for R&D tax credits.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Our service ensures thorough record-keeping and compliance with HMRC standards.
  • Claim Optimisation: We focus on claiming all eligible costs effectively, maximising your benefit.

Expert Guidance

Navigating R&D tax credits can be complex, but with our specialist advice and support, businesses can confidently maximise their claims, ensuring compliance and optimising financial benefits.

Empowering SME Growth

R&D tax credits are a powerful tool for bolstering SMEs' financial positions and fostering innovation. Our service is geared towards helping your business reinvest in R&D, driving growth and success in your sector.