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Fundably provides instant tailored funding matches and application feedback for commercial property developers and commercial property investors. Applying takes just 5 minutes.

Whether you're looking to convert offices, release equity, develop or invest in new build student residences, or turn vacant buildings into new homes, Fundably's bespoke commercial property loan solutions provide the support your business needs. Get a financing solution that aligns with your business objectives, with competitive rates and flexible terms. Fundably offers personalised support and a straightforward process that lets you focus on what you do best – growing your business.

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Understanding Property Finance and its benefits

Property finance encompasses a range of financial products designed to fund property purchases or developments. This type of finance is essential for businesses looking to expand their premises, invest in new property, or develop real estate as part of their growth strategy.

Benefits of securing Property Finance via Fundably

  1. Capital for Property Investment: Secure the necessary funds for purchasing or developing commercial properties.
  2. Tailored Repayment Plans: Structured financing solutions to match your business’s cash flow and investment plans.
  3. Diverse Property Types: Finance solutions for a wide range of property types, including offices, retail spaces, industrial units, and more.

Our range of tailored Property Finance services

We offer a comprehensive suite of property finance options to suit different business needs and scenarios:

  1. Commercial Mortgages: Long-term funding for purchasing or refinancing commercial properties.
  2. Development Finance: Short-term funding for property development projects, from refurbishments to new builds.
  3. Bridging Loans: Quick, short-term loans ideal for bridging gaps in funding or securing property at auction.
  4. Refinance Options: Restructure existing property debts to more favourable terms.

Bespoke solutions for your Property Development and Investment needs

We understand that each business has unique property finance requirements. Our approach is to tailor our solutions to align with your specific property investment goals and financial capabilities. Our service is centred around providing flexible and adaptable financing arrangements that consider your project's scale, timelines, and specific financial considerations.

Apply in just 5 minutes and get instant feedback

Fundably simplifies the property finance process:

  1. Evaluating Your Property Goals: We assess your property investment objectives and requirements.
  2. Selecting Suitable Finance Options: Utilising our extensive lender network, we identify the most appropriate finance options for your property venture.
  3. Facilitating Efficient Transactions: We support you in navigating the application process, ensuring a smooth and speedy property finance transaction.

Long-term support

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, offering ongoing support as your business grows and your property finance needs evolve.